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Tender Loving Care

Caring for the items is the responsibility of the purchaser.  All your items are delicate and should be treated as such.

Below are some recommendations on how to extend the life shelf of your items:


Store them in a place where they won’t easily be damaged.  You know the saying “a bad apple ruins the bunch”.  It’s the same with jewelry.  If you have old and rusty jewelry keep it away.  It will speed up the tarnishing process of your jewelry.


Keep your jewelry away from liquids like alcohol, perfume, lotions etc...


Use a white cotton cloth to clean your items.  Don’t use harsh abrasives like a brush or any chemicals.  Constant cleaning with a white cotton cloth with increase the life shelf of your items.

Again, they are delicate.  Please be gentle and treat them with lots of love and care.

-Surita Simone